Quality Policy

Quality Processes - The Backbone of Technology

Quality Policy

Technological expertise would fall flat without robust processes at the back-end. That's why we have honed our internal processes as much as we have built up our industry knowledge and technical capabilities.

Quality Policy acts like a company constitution informing people's actions when there is no specific procedure to guide them, especially in high stress situations. For example a policy statement that says: "we don't deliver untested code" should inform the actions of a project team when a deadline is upon them, they are under pressure to deliver but testing is not complete. Quality policies also identify organisational priorities separating the critical few from the important many. A policy may also summarise measures of success (for example: customer satisfaction). All quality improvement initiatives are assessed by means of ongoing customer satisfaction surveys and appropriate feedback mechanisms.

Our internal Quality Management Systems provide a flexible process framework that enables continuous quality improvement. An internal team of experienced quality professionals uses the system to formulate sturdy processes that strengthen our ability to provide technologically outstanding products and services.

Quality Processes at WebAppMate:

  • There are 3 important components in any organization namely People, Process and Technology.The Quality of the product is highly influenced by the Quality of the processes used to develop and maintain it.
  • WebAppMate is at the threshold of continuous improvement where processes are indeed predictable, consistent and repeatable.
  • WebAppMate’s Quality Management System contains all quality-related processes, policies,best practices, etc. WebAppMate is driven by the processes and is accessible to all employees of WebAppMate.
  • Standard processes are defined at an organizational level and are tailored to meet the requirements of specific projects. The organization understands customer value and focuses its key processes to continuously increase it.

To achieve a high level of customer satisfaction through our commitment of delivering them high quality product and services by fully meeting their requirements and exceeding quality standards and processes that are continually measured and improved.




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