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It's a shopping platform for contemporary photography and illustrations. An art lover, newcomer, or experienced collector, they will find the right designs and material to suit their style and taste.

In 2017, they will celebrate the ninth year of their foundation and a vivid history of progressing change. They started as Design Click, later changed name to unseen, and finally to seen.by.



It's an ecommerce website (for mobile andPC/Laptops) for jewelry domain which provides user with an experience to buy jewelry online with a feature to try at home.

It provides user with different features like 10 days return and lifetime exchange. User can customize his/her product according to his/her needs and can also buy it through a simple E-mail .



It's a shopping platform for generalized goods which has large number of products on the website.

It has the largest product range which is being dealt with by WebAppMate for providing Magento solution.


Wound Cam can measure wounds using one reference measurement.

Once the measurement of the wound is made, you can save the picture under your name or create a file under a client's name.



Koala is one of the Leading publishing house in Australia. Local Australian leaders in publishing of Greeting Cards.

WebAppMate developed a fully integrated Sales Management App & Back-end admin panel.