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Node.js is a fast growing and widely adopted framework to build fast, scalable and robust web applications. Web Application Development generally demands huge investment for server infrastructure for the humongous computing power requirements with increased customer base and respective activities. However, for the applications which handle comparatively small amounts of data for each user, Node.js can work as the best framework to replace server infrastructure investments. Node.js means javascript at server side. It's asynchronous architecture and event driven characteristics make it highly efficient, light weight and scalable framework.

With the variety of frameworks available in market, selecting the one which suits best to t needs is the critical decision for each application development. With 5+ years of experience in serving clients across industries and developing applications using diverse frameworks, our team at WebAppMate can guide you selecting best framework as per your needs leveraging hardware resources to its fullest and offering right architecture for scalability, security and efficiency.

Advantages of Node.js Framework:

  • Highly scalable and reliable results
  • Event driven architecture best for real time apps
  • Ever growing repository of good-to-go tools and modules
  • Offers Enhanced Productivity
  • Best for streaming applications
  • Supports REST API
  • Built-in support for package management using the NPM tool

WebAppMate professional Node.js Development Services:

  • Web APIs Development
  • Real Time Chat Applications
  • Custom Application Development
  • Portal Development
  • eCommerce /Market Place Development
  • Content Management Tools
  • Interactive App Development
  • AJAX Development
  • Application & System Monitoring Dashboard
  • Real Time Statistics Display

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