Magento Module Development - The Best Content Management System for eCommerce

Magento Module Development – The Best Content Management System for eCommerce

There are many content management systems for eCommerce these days, of which Magento Module Development is quite popular amongst the developers as well as users. The best feature of this platform is flexibility. With the help of Magento module development, eCommerce owners can easily expand the basic functionality of the platform, implement new business ideas by enhancing the existing features, or by even creating new ones. This article talks about the benefits of Magento Module development, the various plugins, the cost involved in developing the Magento custom extension, etc. Read on to know all about it.

Magento Module Development – The Modules

Magento has a lot of functions and features and in case your business goals demand more, there is scope to add more features. This custom module development enables adding a lot of new features to the Magento installation. The various custom Magento modules installed on your website could give all your visitors a unique shopping experience. It gives a business centralized access to the modules as well as its functions through a powerful intuitive admin panel. Furthermore, it has a very strong community of developers and users. Its modules can be designed to work with either a Basic Magento edition of the Enterprise one. It is the best way of improving eCommerce websites and making them more memorable, flexible as well as user-friendly. The modules of Magenta are:

  1. The Magento Search Extension

    A search feature that is well-designed enables buyers to locate what they need and offers suggestions as well for products that they would not have thought of. The feature of “Frequently Bought Together” shows the buyer’s products that complement what they wish to buy.

  2. The Magento Shipping Module

    A few editions of Magento include the shipping modules. However, these are very lightweight and do not have support for many vital carriers. In order to give your customers a strong shipping experience, a custom shipping module is a must. Along with universal carrier support, the custom modules are able to add some features such as shipping discounts depending on the past purchases, or any other criteria.

  3. The Magento Payment Module

    The Magento payment module enables customers to choose from various payment processors. The module can be created to match the goals of your business and have features like payments in various currencies, discounts, etc.

  4. The Magento Checkout Module

    The basic module is quite clunky and forces customers to go via many pages and fill data on every page. This could be annoying and in the end, could drive away any business. The advanced checkout module allows customers to make purchases in just a click.

  5. Blog Extension

    A blog is one of the powerful tools for an online business. It is a great way of posting updates, reviews on products, and the latest news that lends legitimacy to a business in addition to driving traffic to the website. It enables visitors to leave behind comments as well as share articles through social media.

  6. SEO Extension

    The in-built SEO features of Magenta are quite simple and do not drive a lot of traffic to your site. The advanced SEO extension, if used rightly, will lead to higher traffic.

Magento Module Development: The Most Useful Plugins

The best way of upgrading the functionality of your Magento eCommerce is by getting various eCommerce modules as well as extensions installed. These plugins make the website much easier, faster and give visitors a better experience thereby increasing the conversion rate. There are plenty of plugins, modules, etc on the internet and we have a list compiled of only the best Magenta plugins which will help you enhance your website’s functionality and features.

  1. Price Slider Daffodil

    Customer frustration happens once they have scourged through the entire product catalog and the search results do not fit their budget. To resolve this, the Price Slider Daffodil plugin can be used. This extension filters the search results as per the price limits given by a shopper. This makes the journey of visitors very smooth and helps them find what they require quickly. This leads to an increase in sales.

  2. Shipworks

    If you dream of moving internationally, it is indeed a big step and quite challenging. The challenge lies in the successful delivery of products across the world. The plugin – Shipworks, makes this easy. It has very extensive functionality and consists of customer emails, order updates, etc. It is used by a lot of large carriers such as FedEx and DHL too.

  3. Zopim Live Chat

    These days, online shoppers find even an email very slow. They have no patience to await the response from a customer service agent and they just hop on to a different store. This can be resolved with Zopim Live Chat. Through this, a customer can communicate in real-time with customer service agents and this is done from the page of your store itself. You can resolve all their queries and help them get the products they desire before they leave the page out of frustration.

  4. Checkout Newsletters

    Newsletters are crucial as they remind the prospective shoppers about your site, and ensures they keep coming back to your site. The Checkout Newsletters is a Magento extension that adds the option ” Sign Up for Newsletters” to your site. With this plugin, the conversion rate can be increased.

  5. Fontis SecurePay

    Online shoppers are worried about secure online payments. There have been a lot of breaches at some of the top corporations, due to which nobody will use your site unless they are sure of the transactions being secure. Fontis SecurePay is a Magento plugin that processes all payments through the SecureXML gateway. This puts the online shoppers at ease when they use their bank details or credit cards for transactions.

  6. Magic Zoom

    Online shoppers love product images that are attractive, clear, and useful. they love to inspect a product well before they buy it, just like they do in a physical store. With this Zoom plugin, the customer can easily zoom into the images of the product in your e-store. It works well even on a smartphone.

  7. Extended Grid along with Editor

    A few online retailers have huge selections, that deal with thousands of products. The Extended Grid along with Editor is an ideal solution for such large online stores. It has been tailor-made for huge product selections and permits you to update the information easily, edit the attributes of products and it also gives you advanced filtering. It is great if you are constantly repricing your products.

  8. Yotpo Product Review

    This is a very useful extension that collects feedback from the internet to give shoppers additional information about all products. Genuine and positive reviews of products will definitely attract a lot of buyers. The entire process is simplified with Yotpo and it can integrate easily with any Magento estore.

  9. Advanced News Pro

    The most important aspect of eCommerce stores is to ensure your customers are kept updated with achievements, latest news, milestones, as well as sales. This plugin allows you to sort news category wise or product-wise. It allows you to even segment the audience. It has a very user-friendly interface in addition to multilingual support.

  10. Content and Video Testimonials

    This is quite a popular extension that permits customers to share their video testimonials. The online shop admin can have total control over the process and decide on who can post a testimonial.

  11. All Ajax Pro

    This extension gives many advanced features that ensure the journey of the customer is smooth. It consists of a wish list, goods comparison, shopping cart, and a lot more.

  12. Product Matrix

    Product Matrix is a very useful plugin, especially for the international online retailers. This plugin enables your visitors to view the shipping rates, by using parameters like the product quantity, price, and destination.

  13. Google Analytics Magento Extension

    This extension expands as well as enhances the integration of Google Analytics. Along with the basic information regarding site traffic, you can also tie analytics to the Product Refunds, understand the IP Anonymized traffic, individual user IDs tracking, etc. This means you will have a lot of usable and actionable data which will let you focus on your business strategy.

Magento Module Development – The Cost Involved

When you decide to opt for Magento module development, you need to have a very reliable partner. It is quite tough to assign a fixed price to the Magento extension development. The price of two custom modules which are quite similar could vary because of the specific purposes, functions, and also use cases.

Firstly, proper analysis has to be conducted on your business goals and the existing eCommerce store. This process can be time-consuming and will need a lot of resources and could take anywhere between a day to even a week based on your project.

Secondly, the Magento custom module for your business has to be planned and designed, post which a price estimate will be shared.

Prior to implementation, the Magento custom module is tested on the performance. Once this is done, the module can be implemented and launched.

Developing the Magento module would take about 60-80 hours. Based on the people as well as skills involved, an hour of module development would cost between $50 – $250. So, the total cost involved to build an extension would range between $2,500 – $5,000 for a module. The design would cost between $750 – $3,000. So, the final costs related to extension with designing would range between $3,250 – $8,000.


A good Magento module development can make your eCommerce business reach new heights. Outsourcing the Magento module development not just saves time but also saves you a lot of money, as the outsourcing team will have the required skills, employees, as well as experience to make your dream a reality. It is faster, cheaper, and a better method than hiring some new employees. So get in touch with an outsourcing agency right away and get your quote, if you have decided on the perfect Magento Module for your eCommerce business.