There are numerous reasons as to why you should upgrade from Magento1 to Magento2. You might also be at the receiving end of getting emails regarding the same, or must have been hearing about from your colleagues or friends. You cannot ignore the M1EOL: PC1 compliance to enhance the business growth. It’s not advisable to ignore the Visa and PayPal update on the M1EOL in order to comply with the PCI requirements. It is because you make an agreement with a payment processor and ignoring it can endanger the growth of your business.

Here what happens if you fail to comply or ignore this.

Worst Scenario

Suppose, there is an online breach on your store wherein the personal details of your clients have been compromised. This breach can be heavy on the reputation of your store because if any such thing happens then you will be compelled to do the following:

  • You will have to pay compensation to the customers whose data was compromised or leaked.
  • You will have to appoint a qualified and proficient Security Assessor who will audit the whole situation and this can be pretty expensive.
  • You will have to pay for the forensic investigation if needed.

Such scenarios are dangerous and are nightmares which can cost you everything you have.

Best Scenario

In case you comply with the PCI standards, your payment processors will carry on periodic scans to expose the stores which do not meet their demands. The scan will also detect the outdated software and inform about it. For all the unsupported software that is found, you will have to pay monthly charges. You may also have to present the required documentation for persuading them that the concerned software will not be a threat to the sensitive data and that you can provide support to your store’s software. This process is also very expensive but it is not as expensive and risky as the worst scenario we discussed above.

Moreover compliance with PCI is not the only concern, because it will be very hard to run and develop your M1 store. Apart from hacking risks, there will be problems with vendors, hostings, and the 3-party products you use. All the hostings will not offer every shop with its unique node to keep the other stores safe. Also, all the vendors will also not proffer patches for Magento1 extensions. But, do not worry because M1EOL is not a single day job. In order to get through this, there will be vendors like Amasty, popular hostings like Hypernode, and companies like Mage One will be fully dedicated to support Magento1 users.

Why Should You Upgrade to Magento2 from Magento1?

  1. The technology stack of M1 will not support the latest versions of the new technology. If you do not upgrade, then you will lag behind in the competition.
  2. M2 has an upgraded stack of technologies.
  3. The developers claim that M2 is 20% faster than M1.
  4. With M2 you need not install an extension because M2 is built with FPC (full-page cache). This implies that the product, home, and category pages will have a load time of less than 0.75 seconds, i.e. two times faster than not having the FPC.
  5. M2 allows database sharing, i.e. it lets you keep the information of the product on a different server. This ensures faster browsing by the users for the information they need.
  6. The checkout delivered by M2 is very smooth and quick, because it allows you to save the related data on separate servers.
  7. M1 and M2 also differ in page building wherein with M1 you require to load multiple JS for page building and with M2 they require JQuery and need JS to minimize the page loading time.
  8. M1 has six checkout steps whereas M2 has only two in addition to an Instant Purchaser for repeating the purchases.
  9. The bad code from the base is reduced in M2.
  10. M1 code is susceptible to the hackers because it is not supported.
  11. To manage installation of modules, M2 uses Composer.
  12. M2 has a simplified update to the installations and the newest versions of the security patches.
  13. M2 releases APIs which work as an interface for modules. This helps in solving the issues with 3rd-party extensions issues and compatibilities.
  14. If you do not upgrade to M2, then you will be compromising you clients and business’ sensitive data.
  15. Magento2 also supports PWA Studio which provides an enhanced mobile experience to the users.
  16. The interface of M2 is indigenous which is specially designed for non-technical users.
  17. M2 is designed and written keeping the automated test strategies in mind. The developers can now use test cases in MTF and test the customizations that affect the important functionality.

Plan to Migrate Magento1 to Magento2

The initial preparatory work for migrating Magento1 to Magento2 should be classified into three main chunks – Themes, Extensions, and Customizations.

Magento2 Open Source

Magento2 Open Source is highly recommended for developing businesses, small stores, and start-ups. It is best to determine your needs and apply them to Commerce, Open Source, Commerce Cloud options, etc. The Magento 2 Commerce Cloud and Commerce befits the B2B enterprises, catalogs with large products, stores with huge traffic of customers, global presence, etc.

You can also opt for a migration test because the whole process needs a minimum of three months and a proficient team of Magento experts. The migration service works as follows:

  • Check the list of works which their service can help you with
  • Build your expectations
  • Fill the contact details
  • Their specialist will contact you within 24 hours


It is advised that there is no pressure or scare associated with Magento1 migration, but several Magento1 retailers felt the need to shift to WooCommerce, Shopify, and other e-commerce platforms. So, go ahead with the migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2 process and enhance your business growth to manifolds.