Migration to Shopify from Magento: Know it All

Magento is an amazing solution for shopping carts which has many features, but few online dealers want to increase their outlook using Shopify. The issue is to switch to Shopify from Magento without losing any data and without confusion of end-user and business disruption.

Ecommerce migration can be used to delete the clutter, tidy the data stored, and display things better. Apart from advantages of store migration – yet, many online dealers avoid it. If your online business runs with a Magento solution but you want to move to Shopify – halfwFscenariosay is something we want you to know about and give you a detailed guide to migrate to Shopify from Magento . Check this post if you want to know alternatives of magento. Moreover, an online platform’s list for small businesses is here.

Shopify versus Magento

Magento and Shopify are equally popular and efficient so it’s difficult to state which is better.

Day by day, Shopify is speedily gaining popularity by, leaving vigorous magento behind the times, according to google trends. Shopify gives easy and accessible use of their important features, because of that 1.000.000 plus users across the globe get attracted towards this programme.

By the statistics of Cart2cart, in 2019 from January to October – Magento to Shopify takes 10% of the total migration of the transferring routes , while the proportion of migrating data to Magento from shopify add up to only 1%.

Cart2Cart Statistics

The post disruption , changes the emigration process into workable phases and gives some realistic suggestions and advice is to execute migration fault free and smoothly.

What could be Migrated to Shopify from Magento ?

Presently, the procedure of moving data, functionality , and design from the former to the fresh store is the store migration. In reality,traders merchandise the database (orders, customer, products), and then arrange the store presence and then install all important applications to exaggerate its function.

What can be migrated with Cart2Cart to Shopify from Magento are found here. Therefore entrepreneurs usually choose to revive the design then start new and extra awesome features.

Can Data be protected and How?

For those unfamiliar,Shopify and Magento have unlike data fields, it means that magento has product characteristics which Shopify doesn’t have. In that scenario , it is guided to map the data transferred and it’s field area to know everything’s location.

Will My SEO be impacted by migration?

Reperforming can possibly affect your search results, however, that’ll not happen. The novel site formation should be paid attention and 301 redirects should be set, that are suggested to save SEO juice.

Could Design be Migrated?

If Magento store’s existing design is nice, it can be created using a developer. It is not possible to migrate design.

Migration to Shopify from Magento: Three Scenarios of migration

  • Manual migration

    It means to copy the data stored in Shopify then simply paste to Magento (also called import-export process),and to upload images manually and also to update navigational links. However it’s a very complex process and needs some high level tech knowledge. It can’t be done with bigger stores for instance, 10,000 products or customers.

  • Assisted migration

    Store owners of Magento without any experience should employ an agency to migrate their store. A team of technical experts or developers are involved, they inspect the process of migration of shopping cart and oversee milestones. They generally divide this product migration in phases (like functionality, design, data) and then responsibilities are given to team members . This method is more reliable, but this method is said to consume a lot of money and time.

  • Automated migration

    Converters of data migration are becoming popular day by day. Tools and services (such as Cart2Cart) are made to reduce involvement of humans in this process and move entities of the store to other shopping carts by only paying a fee once. A self-service and simple model is provided by such providers, you’ll just have to select an existing shopping cart as well as the one you’re migrating to, then the transition is made automatically.

Which migration method should be selected?

Inspect Magento store data’s amount , it’s integrations, customizations and then decide a migration method best suited to you. Every feature can’t be migrated because of the considerable difference between Shopify and Magento, thus manual configuration would be required in content like landing pages . It’s essential to have a Hybrid approach ,making use of automatic service for moving e-commerce data (such as customers, coupon, order, products, etc.), after that manually finishing configuration of the novel store ( installing more modules, altering the theme etc.)

Preparation for store Migration to Shopify from Magento

Planning and preparation are very vital. The following suggestions should be considered on ways to avoid probable threats of migration plus perform essential activities before time.

Magento Store’s preparation

Backing up data

During migration Magento store’s data is not deleted by the Cart2Cart service. The details are moved and copied to the Shopify store. But, for data security plus to keep away from involved risks, it’s suggested to make a backup of the database (for instance a backup option given by a hosting service can be used).

Performing data audit of Magento store

Auditing the store data helps create a perfect inventory for all the data of Magento you own (for instance customers, product details, passwords, categories, reviews, orders, etc). Map the kinds of data that exist plus see what is to be removed, rewritten or kept.

Look for details of Magento’s store access

To build connections among your stores, examine present store credentials of Magento – URL plus SSH/FTP/cPanel credentials.

Preparation of Shopify Store

Prepare the Shopify store

Shopify stores should be installed with no extra modifications or modules and then make it accessible online. On Shopify stores, use the free trial then, migration can be done to temporary domains (such as https:/ To move the data to some trial store is okay by a Demo migration to observe its working.

Theme selection

It is suggested to select the shopify’s default theme and build no modification till the migration is ended. When the Magenta store details are moved to shopify, then you can select any theme you like.

Installation of Important applications

Product Reviews – We recommend Product Reviews app for transferring users’ reviews from Magento to Shopify.

Exactly, estimating the migration price

From cart2cart the store migration cost relies on the extra migration option and the number of data that one requires to move to shopify from Magento . The actual price of the migration case can be calculated from the Migration Estimator.

Migration to Shopify from Magento. Cart2Cart Route

After everything for replatforming is ready, website migration should begin. Thus, start Free Demo.

Connect the Shopping Carts

Give the information of your stores:

Secure Cart Setup

From the menu choose Magneto. Then the URL of your web store should be entered . After that Connection Bridge should be installed on Magento to exchange data between the stores. After that’s downloaded, by zip archive take Connection Bridge and then paste it with the help of FTP client to the root directory. A video tutorial by us has a full view on the process of installing the Connection Bridge.

Connection Bridge Setup

Choose the Data to be Migrated

Mention the entities to be moved to Shopify from Magento at migration wizard -customers, reviews, manufacturers, products, orders, etc. or all things simultaneously.

Demo Migration

Which data could be moved to Shopify from Magento?

The mentioned data types can be transferred from to Shopify from Magento:

  • goods ( images, amount of goods present in stock, product name, description, price);
  • product’s visuals (product’s size, shape, color);
  • Total purchase, a record of goods purchased, information of payment ;
  • static pages (such as About us, Terms and conditions, Contacts, Return Policy);
  • images;
  • Customer’s info (like name,phone number, email address, location);
  • Settings of SEO ( 301 redirects included);
  • integrations.

Additional Options for Migration

Few additional options for migration are present for you to select accordingly keeping your requirements in mind, thus you can migrate across solutions for ecommerce more smoothly.

Select Desirable Additional Options

  • it’s suggested to choose “Migrate Source Store categories into Shopify Automated Collections” because Magento and Shopify have distinct method for the organization of their store entities (for e.g Magento categories becomes collections on Shopify, and subcategories are the product tags), . It’ll define a product to many collections thus organising your store much better.

  • After setting up a Shopify site (fresh server) and also your domain referring to that server, the previous old host becomes irrelevant. URL redirects can be set up in Shopify > Online Store > Navigation. Advantage can also be taken off “on the target store of yours make 301 redirect after migration process” option which allows to have previous category and product URL operating at Shopify.

  • Selecting “Migrate categories and products SEO URLs” option saves every present structure of links to the product hence saving the SEO ranking as well as old customers.

Map Groups of customers and Statuses of orders

Migration of the group of your customers plus order statuses isn’t done by Cart2Cart . It rather makes the possibility to compliment Magento store groups of Customer plus statuses of order with the ones matching the novel Shopify store of yours. If Order statuses aren’t required on Shopify stores, they can be made by selecting the related buttons.

Important: During customer migration to Shopify a migration tool of Cart2Cart generates automatically a default an “unknown” email address invalid customer email was there on Magento. During order migration similar default email would be created, if it isn’t linked to specific customers, and they were created by unregistered customers. Thus, while migrating data , email notifications will be sent to you regarding new orders’ creation , although they were being migrated. To avoid such messages, you’ll have to be logged into Shopify, then, settings->notifications and select “Disable”.

Map Currencies, Languages and Countries

Shopify gives a chance to state in settings of shipping that to which countries one can transport the products. And, if the order of your Magenta store is composed of countries not mentioned on Shopify , those orders will be omitted during the migration process. Scan all the material store countries plus configure them into shopify settings before switching.

You can map the equivalent currencies and languages of Shopify and Magenta stores . See if shopify permits you to use various languages and execute to map in the cart2cart wizard.

Start costless Demo Migration

Run a costless DEMO Migration. Limited entities are only migrated in about 10 to 30 minutes. Don’t skip this step of Demo migration so as to inspect the functionality of Cart2Cart. Browser window shouldn’t be closed before finishing this demo migration.

Demo Migration

See the results of migration after that on Shopify store of yours. Inspect backend for data migrated because it might not appear in the frontend of the store . A file having a record of migrated Product IDs can also be used( it can be downloaded from the results page of Demo) after that, see if it’s there on the store of Shopify.

Reach our Support Team in case of any problem in this step, you’ll get answers to all your queries within a short time.

Begin Full Migration

Begin Full Migration now. You’ll have to finance your account in case of insufficient money for migration. Use a coupon or discount if you have one.

What is to be done after migration to Shopify from Magento Migration?

Even after the completion of the migration process the fresh store may be long before it is “launch-ready.” Some steps are essential to ensure safety of your data and proper functionality of your Shopify store.

Shopify store should be tested

Inspect your new Shopify store carefully for possible problems. See if the name of the domain is active or not, or the functionality of navigational links. After that move to frontend check if products are appearing in the catalogs, do see the functionality of onsite search . After that, inspect the links inside the page header, menus and footer. At the end, do a purchase test to ensure if everything is well,repeat this for a few times more.

Look for apps needed with the Shopify store

More than 1,000 applications are there in Shopify’s marketplace, thus, it’ll not be difficult to find extensions instead to those which you used earlier in Magento.

Ask reactivation of accounts by customers

Inform your customers of this switch and tell them to notify you in case they find any fault– like this your new store will be up and it’ll move fast. It’s also important to ask for reactivation of accounts present at Shopify by customers. To send invitations to your customers you can use this app – “Bulk Account Invite Sender”.


Here’s a checklist made for you . It’s not the ultimate list still it’s good. So, Migration to Shopify from Magento Checklist:

  • Tips for Pre-Migration

    • Preparation of Magento store

      • Backing data
      • Data audit of Magento store
      • See the details of Magento store
    • Preparation of Shopify store

      • Prepare the Shopify store
      • Select a theme
      • Installation of Important features/apps
      • Guess the migration price
  • Migration to Shopify from Magento


    • Give shopping carts’ information
    • Choose data to migrate
    • Mention other migration options
    • Mapping of customer groups and statuses of order
    • Map languages, currencies and countries
    • Start costless Demo migration
    • Run Full migration
  • Tips for Post-Migration

    • New Shopify store should be tested
    • Look for apps required with the Shopify store
    • Ask reactivation of accounts from customers.

Hopefully, this guidance will assist you to migrate to Shopify from Magento swiftly. Moreover, utilize Cart2Cart Academy, it’s filled with good tips, detailed tutorials and recommendations to make the migration hassle-free . Now benefit Shopify and let your business grow to new heights.