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WebAppMate is a Unit of
Fly On IT India Pvt Ltd

  • Serving customers since 11 Years with 97% client retention rate
  • Server 300+ customers in different countries
  • 75+ full time staff in working different domain
  • Delivered successfully more that 150 projects in different technologies


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IT services

We run add kinds of IT services that grow your success

Our Promise

Our passion is to work hard and deliver outstanding results.

  • Proactive Support

    Proactive support to all customers because we care about the customer experience above and beyond the traditional IT work.

  • Partners Conduct

    We maintain 100% transparency with our partners and promise to fill gaps, if any for a long term association. At the same time, we expect our partners to be communicative about their requirements and provide us with feedback for us to continually improve services at all times.

  • Satisfaction Agreement

    For time critical projects, we offer agreement which imposes penalty clauses for delayed projects, offering unmatched result-based billing with time guarantee.

  • Performance Guarantee

    For time & material/dedicated engagements, if you are dissatisfied with the output of a specific individual for a given day/day(s) within a week, we will not bill you for this time.

Our Promise
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case Studies

Our Digital & Development Case Studies

We immerse ourselves in projects and clients' requirements. Being a team of problem solvers, we involve our expertise from the ideation stage, clearly understanding what the client wants and what gap he is trying to fill through this IT and digital development.

Our Business Models

We work with you to identify the business model that best fits your need.

Fixed Bid

The fixed price (also known as project based) model is perfect for small and medium scope projects, where requirements, specifications and schedules can be clearly defined before the start of the project development. If client cares more about the result and not the means in would be achieved with, this model is more than appropriate. After the client’s request, service provider analyzes project scope and complexity, provides project delivery schedule and fixed budget for the complete product development for client's approval.

Among the advantages of such fixed time and fixed price solution are:

  • Suited For Small And Medium Sized Projects;

  • Clear Requirements And Well-Defined Objectives And Milestones;

  • Low Risk For Clients, Since Risk Of Successful Completion Is Transferred Mostly To Service Provider;

  • Relatively Little Client's Supervision Is Required;

  • Fixed Price Based On The Project Estimate Before Project Delivery Commencement;

  • Assurances That Project Will Be Completed Within Agreed Budget And Timeframe;

  • Service Provider Is Highly Motivated To Be Efficient And Productive.

Time & Material

  • Flexible and negotiable budget and low risk for both parties

  • Perfect for large and long-term projects that can't predict the end product on the initial stages

  • Development process starts earlier, since there is no need in formulating the final requirements

  • Client has control over the project, approves or adds any task that will be implemented on demand specifications and enhancements can be negotiated during any project stage.

Dedicated Team Management

We are proficient in offering complex enterprise-grade eCommerce services which empower your digital transformation journey. We can add upgraded features based on AR / VR, AI,IoT and machine learning.

  • AI, IoT, and machine learning.

  • Multi-store development assistance

  • Marketing automation systems

  • Product & business data

  • Sales forecasting services

  • Product management services

  • E-procurement software solutions

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Being in the IT space I am constantly approached by companies offering a range of services, but Optimal has been one of the very few that made it past the first barrier and I put that down to their unique approach. For businesses looking for software development....

Brandon Falcon

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