WebAppMate - Business Model

An engagement model is determined after initial project discussion or directly chosen by the client. A client selects a particular engagement model as per his requirements, convenience and preferred work pattern.

Benefits that engagement models bring

  • Service as per requirement

  • Value proposition

  • Total clarity

  • Streamlining of processes

  • Transparency and complete understanding of service to be rendered

  • Optimum use of resources

  • SEO friendly website

WebAppMate Engagement Models

This model works for clients who are clear about the requirements of the project. The model is favored by clients who don't wish to get involved wholly in the execution process and would like the hired company to take complete responsibility of the processes.

Choose this model if;

  • Requirements are unlikely to alter
  • Project duration can be determined
  • You don't wish get involved in the development process and just timely progress updates would be sufficient.


  • During the initial phase of interaction, requirements are discussed and, later, proposal work is started.
  • Project scope and estimates are drawn.
  • Discussion is made on total cost and time required for project completion.
  • After covering every aspect, team that will handle the project is decided and work is started.
  • Client is updated about the project progress on weekly/half month basis or as discussed in the initial phase of discussions.

This model suits the needs of the clients who want total control of their project and resources. The client is provided with a specialized team that takes care of every aspect of the project at hand.

Choose this model if;

  • You want total take control of development processes
  • Do not want to get into fuss of attrition, hiring employees,
    hardware deployment and perks
  • Want to save office space, rent, hardware cost and office expenses

The team is made as per client's requirements and needed skill sets.
Required knowhow and expertise can vary depending on the project in
question. Hence, it would make sense to go through the skills of dedicated
programmers and designers for better decision making.

Sometimes clients are not clear about the requirements and there are possibilities of changes in specification, designing and other details. At such times, this model works best as client can go back to make changes as per his needs. This is called Agile Methodologies (Graphs). One can move to and fro in different phases of software development life cycle.

Choose this model if;

  • Requirements, features and specifications are bound to alter with
    the development process
  • Considering the complexities, project duration cannot be determined
  • Working on hourly basis suits your needs/requirements

In hourly billing, client pays for the service rendered by the team on hour basis. A project in this model can be started quickly, without waiting for a detailed specification. Changes in project scope can be easily made in any phase of the development process.

Through PMS reports and real time updates, client is kept informed about the progress of the project and billing as well.

Experience has taught us that client's needs cannot be fitted in airtight compartments as they may vary slightly or greatly from the models described above. Thus, we acknowledge such differences, listen patiently and meet them in the best possible manner. Please get in touch to share your project:


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