employee satisfaction

Employee Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is essential to the success of any organization. At WebAppMate, employees are considered to be internal customers; hence employee’s job satisfaction is one of the key deliverables for the HR team. Management’s commitment towards employee contentedness has resulted in much lower attrition rate in WebAppMate as compared to Industry Standards.

Below are few of the policies deployed at WebAppMate for employee satisfaction:

  • Open Communication: Encouraging work environment of Open communication, management gets engaged in frequent dialogue with our employees answering their queries that range from work pressure, cross team movements or personal issues. Every query is resolved providing the best solution ensuring win-win situation for both employee and the organization.
  • Value Innovative Ideas: With the globalization of markets and ever evolving technologies, an organization can meet customer demands only with Innovative ideas. At WebAppMate, we understand that each employee comes with unique innovative ideas that should be promoted and motivated for implementation. We organize periodic open forum meetings to discuss and brainstorm these ideas which results in early deliveries and also helps us achieve customer appreciation.
  • Employee Development: We believe that we grow if our employees grow. This way we help our employees to have steady growth in an environment to learn along with routine office work. We motivate our employees to get trainings on new emerging technologies and attain certifications which helps them grow in industry.
  • Incentives and Recognition: To highlight the excellence and performance delivered by employees; we organize rewards and recognition programs. These are followed with informal parties with an environment to open up and enjoy.
  • Flexibility Offered: We understand employee’s commitment towards their family and our management respects each individuals priorities. WebAppMate ensures work life balance for each employee providing flexible options catering to each individual’s needs.