e inspect


With the tremendous increase in fraud cases seen in last decade in various industries like Insurance, Credit Card, Courier, Vendor, and Employee Certificates etc; various types of Investigations and Verification has become an indispensable activity for organizations. With the increasing emphasis on Investigations and Verification by organizations; there has also been corresponding increase in companies providing these services.

With hundreds of organizations in this Verification industry; customers have multiple criteria for selecting service provider. Few of such parameters are:

Quality : Accuracy of reports
Quality : Accuracy of reports
Speed : Turn Around Time (TAT)
Price : Competitive Prices
Technology : Best In Class
User Experience : Outstanding

To gain competitive edge in this industry; each service provider is probing for effective and innovative ways of Investigations. Hence, a pioneer application launched by WebAppMate i.e. e-Inspect

e-Inspect is a solution to revolutionize the methodology of data collection required for Investigations in multiple industries. This is an integrated – web & mobile solution and can also be customized basis industry/customer needs.


  • Instant Report Generation:With the availability of all surveyed information archived in database; final report can be generated with a click of button. Hence, improvement in Turn Around Time (TAT) by reduction in time required for data analysis and manual report creation.
  • Data Accuracy and Authenticity through
    • Exact location capture through geo coordinates
    • Images Upload
    • Video Upload
    • Signature Capture
  • Survey in offline mode: No internet connection at the time of survey to field officers; hence cost effectiveness
  • Integration with web module to provide holistic view
  • Resource/surveyors scheduling: With this application; cases can be assigned to surveyors basis nearest site; hence time optimization resulting in increase in productivity improvement

e-Inspect Features

  • Mobile Application
  • Customization feasibility
  • Android Compatible
  • Web Integration
  • Image & Video Upload
  • Signature facility
  • Data archival in offline mode
  • Location through GPS co-ordinates
  • PDF Report Generation
  • Real Time Data Availability

Benefits offered

  • Fraud Control Management
  • Productivity Increase
  • TAT Improvement
  • Real and Online Data Availability
  • Resource Scheduling

Target Industries

Insurance Industry

      • Pre-Vehicle Inspection
      • Life Insurance Inspection
      • Insurance Claim Investigation

Background Check

    • Employee Background Check
    • Vendor Background Check
  • Telecom Industry: Address Check for post paid SIM Card
  • Banking: Address Check for Credit Card
  • Courier: Receipt Acknowledgement