webappmate workculture

Work culture trend at WebAppMate

In this highly competitive corporate world, the workforce environment influences the performance of the employee. The organization creates a positive environment that retains and promotes contentment of its brilliant employees.

Apart from the key factors like high salary, new professional challenges, and progressive career growth, a unique corporate culture will benefit the employee and they will enjoy their work. This will increase their productivity.

Five work culture trend at WebAppMate:

Power of Authority

The work culture at WebAppMate is highly proactive and collaborative. The top management is actively involved in directing the development while the opinions and options of the software developers are also valued. They have wide discretion on the development of the project, its functionality, user interface, etc. There are no project managers in WebAppMate, in fact, there are only developers who make the business decision. When employees vested with authority, they become more loyal towards the project and work efficiently.

Dodge the Meeting

Formal meetings are eluded as much as possible at WebAppMate and informal, ad hoc discussions are promoted. The interior of the office space is organized in such a way that it promotes interaction among employees. The office space has no cubicles and desks are arranged in ways that encourage developers to discuss comfortably.

Relaxed workplace

Comfortable, pleasant and relaxed workplace provides greater job satisfaction. Maximum number of hours are spent working it is a vital factor and should not be overlooked. Comfortable environment generates happy work environment.


Companies try to kill the boredom of its employees by hosting activities and make corporate environment more entertaining and enjoyable. Hard work must be followed by entertainment. This improves the productivity and employees are able to focus better.

Be Choosy

New employees should be employed carefully. At WebAppMate, one new employee is recruited after interviewing about 15 people. The final decision is narrowed down on the basis of cultural fit of the organization.

Hiring a new employee is a tricky process and involves a lot of staff input. The opinions of all interviewers are considered.

When staff members are self –motivated, creative, trustworthy and aim to excel in the project only then can they be empowered to take important decisions.