Ensure optimal functionality, high code quality and performance of custom modules and 3rd party functionality for Magento.

When you want to reach billions of people using Magento Website.
A code audit for your Magento site is like a report card – it assesses how your site is doing in different areas.


WebAppMate development team always ensures to conduct a code audit before the start of any sprint project with a customer so that if there is any issue with your Magento e-commerce store, it can be resolved by optimizing the store. Code Audit is crucial for the companies who are looking forward to improving their e-commerce store functionalities.

Code Audit is basically, the review of the code of a website along with its database. We use this analysis as a measure to ascertain how to go ahead with the enhancement of the site through the optimization process. Code audits are executed in case your Magento store needs change the platform including, migration to the Magento 2 and other such services. This helps your store to become more advanced.

Code Audit is just like going to the doctor when you get sick. Similarly, these types of checks are also essential for the proper functioning and excellent performance of your Magento site to give a great shopping experience to your customers.

Operations Involved in Code Audit Generally, a code audit comprises of the steps that are given below • First of all the code of the site is checked in contrast to the core code specific to the platform used. However, making any modifications to the core code is not a usual practice. It way leads to create issues at the time of implementing the changes during the migration to the newer version of that particular platform. • The development team checks the entire code and every module to make sure that everything is in excellent shape. • Back end team also tests the user registration flow along with other such procedures, so that proper functioning of the website can be checked. • The team of developers also examines the settings of the site to ensure that JavaScript and CSS files are enabled to work in unison. This will improve the website optimization. • The website is also opened by using various browsers. This process is performed to check the consistency of different styles and layouts of the site and see that everything is excellent. • Checking the code not only helps in ensuring that the code is not altered but also help developers to know about various modules present along with their configurations and built.

Highlights of our Magento Code Audit Services:

  • Full review of Magento codebase
  • Review of changes to core code (and any issues caused)
  • Review of all third party extensions
  • Detailed review of all custom extensions
  • Review of server architecture and logs
  • Review of theme and front-end assets
  • Performance review (highlighting core issues)
  • Review of database performance and issues
  • Review of security patches and known vulnerabilities
  • Review of all other integrations

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