Magento speed optimization

Speed Optimization has a vital role to play in the success of an e-shopping website. Your store's quality and technological entity invariably depends on your website's loading speed.


Want to improve your business performance? It's high time for you to revamp now! Experts at Magento Provider make sure that you get to show up fast results and respond quickly to details against any request made with fast page caching and better server response.


Among multiple elements of online marketplace that create customer satisfaction; page loading speed is the most significant one. Most of the eCommerce portals fail due to poor loading speed. As per industry standards, customers expect webpage to be loaded within 3 seconds. However 90% of stores have loading speed of 5-8 seconds resulting in poor customer experience. 40% of customers move to another portal if loading speed is longer than expected.

Reason of this significant challenge of high loading speed is nothing but huge content on each page to draw attention of customers. As industry matures, customers expect all relevant content on same page and with content heavy pages loading speed gets impacted. Hence, with this vicious circle in place it is very crucial to implant pertinent techniques to achieve expected loading speed.

Understanding the industry challenge and reasons of same; our skilled and qualified experts offer premium Magento Speed Optimization services to achieve optimal website loading speed.

Few of the techniques we use for Speed Optimization are:

  • Cache Management with techniques like
    • Varnish and nginx
    • Meme Cache
    • Magento Full page cache
    • Opcode Cache
    • Distributed Caching
  • Load balancing
  • Auto scaling
  • RDS (Relational Database Service)
  • Render blocking
  • MySQL indexing
  • Sprite image, CSS & JS file merging for reducing HTTP requests
  • Ajax loading & image lazy loading

Ready to upgrade your Magento store? Working on Magento for years now, Get Your eCommerce Store a Fantastic Speed, Perfection and Efficacy With Our Magento Speed Optimization Services.

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