hire dedicated magento developer

What is the Need to Hire Dedicated Magento Developer?

Imagine a situation where e-commerce business is started without the knowledge of CMS’s (content management system).You want to develop your website and you give this work to a freelancer or a company, but he uses a platform which is not suitable for your online business. Also, the professionals should be able to offer services like Magento Third Party API Integration.

In the beginning everything is fine and your website is also working according to the input in it. But over a period of time you notice that the page is working slowly and your conversion rate is also not showing any growth. In spite of getting your website made from an experienced company, you are not getting good returns from your online store.

So you sit and judge, what do you do about it or do you need some change for your business prospects?

After your decision of changes in your website, the other problem is to choose from the variety of CMS’s that are available in e-commerce. Now it becomes difficult to choose the right kind of CMS’s suitable for your online store.

All over the world about 250,000 merchants are using Magento and running their business successfully.

Let’s examine some of the advantages of Magento to clear our doubts: –

● Flexible customization which allows you to add any needed function freely whenever required
● High conversion
● User friendly interface which motivates the buyer to buy your products without difficulty
● SEO- friendly
● Admin panel is easy to use
● Best choice of extensions and themes
● Wide range of payment methods like, PayPal, Amazon, credit cards, Google etc
● Possibility of adding languages and selling all over the world

Does all this sound interesting to you? But do not migrate yourself: –
After you have finally taken a decision about changing to Magento, there is one mistake that people usually make and that is:-

They try to migrate to Magento by themselves!

But you should not do such a mistake.
You may be techno- savvy or progressive you should not try it yourself, instead this process should be passed on to a professional for successful implementation.

With a professional’s guidance, you will have more effectiveness and he will save you from lots of silly mistakes and save your precious time. He will help you put more technical features, launch marketing programmes, add maximum value to your business, add merchandise and thus will help you to open new channels for your business.

Why with Webappmate?
You can move your site safely to Magento because of the following reasons:-

1. Magento development has reasonable pricing with no surcharges and hidden fees. It has lots of prospects for future growth. Thus, it is a perfect platform for boosting your online sales.

2. Our unique work flow is so well distributed that it gives guaranteed quality results and also efficient time management. It works in an organised manner, as it comes with grouped, virtual, simple and digital products. Thus we give faster, efficient and productive goals to its customers.

3. We focus on individual approach through our client- focus development. It helps the store owner to overcome issues without the use of any consultant or agency. Thus websites are made on the bases of the best e-commerce platform for the clients in the world.
For our support plans ; you can choose one time or monthly subscription ; or you can also check our Magento development hours for small tasks.

So without hesitation, take your step ahead Hire Dedicated Magento Developer for a successful e-commerce online store.