how to upgrade magento to latest version

How to Upgrade Magento to latest version

There a lot of queries coming on up-gradation of Magento version so, I have created a how-to guide below for Magento upgrades.
At Webappmate we have done 10 Magento upgrades in the last 6 months and have learned from experience. At the most abstract level, these are the steps for upgrading a Magento installation:

    1. Create an exact copy of the Magento site to upgrade. Take the files and complete DB to a new location to avoid any conflicts or over-ride. This will help us to roll back in case of any discrepancy.
    2. Please make sure no core files have been modified in the existing Magento website. Otherwise it will be over-rided while upgrade and may make many conflicts. (To sum up if your developer has made any changes in your core Magento files then you are screwed)
    3. Disable all the modules from community and local folder by going into following path app/etc/modules. This will be done by renaming all the non-core XML of Magento from this folder. We will explicitly make a note of the files to avoid any miss while renaming back.
    4. After the rename is done we will check for upgrades under Magento connect manager from admin panel.(attached screenshot)
    5. We need to click on “check for updates” button in Magento connect Manager. This will be done module wise we need to check if upgrade is available on not, If yes then the module will be upgraded and in case of any conflict a message will come up.
    6. In case of conflicts we need to debug from the code and resolve the conflict during the upgrade process. In this case we can get both DB as well as code conflicts. this need a support of a full time developer.
    7. Once all conflicts are resolved we need to rename back the files from point 3. This has to be a one by one process as a continuous validation needs to be done on project working.
    8. We need to re-index the project from admin panel or SSH as needed.

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