All That You Need to Know About CakePHP Web Development

CakePHP web development world brings you an open source PHP framework offering a flexible database access layer and a powerful scaffolding system for developing web applications both small and complex systems, in a simpler, faster way by minimizing the requirement of building your application from scratch and requiring less code. CakePHP is convenient and flexible.

With CakePHP development services you build fast and grow solid. S

So let’s see the points below, why you should Hire CakePHP developer:

MVC ‘Model View Controller’ software design pattern of CakePHP divides your application into three major components handling different aspects. With ‘Model’ you can insert, update, delete or read the data from the database, ‘View’ supports data rendering on the screen, ‘Controller’ processes and reacts to actions and can alter data before it interacts with the model (database). This pattern supports easy logic split and presentation which comes handy for large applications and sites.


Easy extension of your project with components, behaviors, and plug-ins, which creates a generalized library instead of Cake’s extending core libraries, thus expanding the functionality allowing creating parts of the reusable code which becomes useful for multiple projects.


With CakePHP, you get automated functions aiding you with easy and speedy work, because other than managing the database connections settings there isn’t any part of codes or configuration for which you need to state the location of the library or the specific URL of the website.


This is a technique to facilitate data conversion between incompatible type systems in databases and object-oriented programming languages, representing every table from a class, which manage your data, its validity, interactions, and evolution of the information workflow in your domain of work.


CRUD is taken from the main activities involved in most the web applications namely Create, Read, Update, and Delete, which makes it very easy to modify things according to your application requirements. This feature is available with others too, but with CakePHP, it saves a lot of time.

CakePHP is portable and can be used both in PhP4 and PhP5Testing features, vital for developers building large applications where performance needs regular checks. CakePHP can create two types of tests; core and custom (easily built), to check your application and any criticality attached to it.

These were few of the reasons. One of the most popular frameworks for PHP development, with reduced development costs, CakePHP rapidly builds applications using code generation and other scaffolding features.

There is no complicated configuration required here. Most of the required features are built-in into the framework including translations, database access, caching, validation, authentication, and others.

More reasons supporting the fact that you should go for a Web development company in India is that it works from any website directory and comes along with an active and effective community as well.

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