solutions for magento2 working slow

3 Simple Solutions for Magento 2 working slow

Have you noticed lately that Magento 2 is running slow? Do you wish to make is fast?
If the answer is yes then it becomes all the more important that you get to know about the reasons so that you can come up with suitable solutions.

The reasons for Magento 2 working slow could be because of the following:

* Magento 2 can be in a developer mode which has bundle/CSS/ JS merge/minify enabled in it.
* The hardware of Magento 2 is running slow.
* If SSD is not used.
* If other caches and full page cache of Magento 2 are turned off.
* In case the performance of the third party extension is interrupted.

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Let us find out why Magento 2 services are working slow:
When you are in a developer mode:
With Magento E-Commerce Store development Services this mode is used for preparing the site for production. It is annoying and frustrating to wait for the site to load, thus to speed up Magento 2 these simple fixtures can be tried.

1. Disable CSS and JS merge/bundle/ minify:
Simply using this trick the TTFB is reduced from 50s to 2s. Actually what happens is that when you are in a developer mode Magento 2 has to locate and merge CSS / JS files for every request made, and if this mood is turned off the loading time for each page is reduced the great extent.

2. Move to PHP7:
Although Magento 2 works at 5.6 PHP, but if it is moved to PHP 7, the performance will improve by 25%. Majority of company install PHP 7 version to maintain VPS and server.

3. Server resources:
The complex system of Magento 2 requires a powerful hardware especially when it is in the developer mode. Virtualizations should be avoided and at least 2G of RAM should be allocated to M2.

It is must to have SSD disk. By using less expensive VPS like linode-which costs only $10, a decent setup of Magento development services or Magento e-Commerce development can bring in great success.

When in production mode: It is a terrible situation when Magento 2 site is slow even in the production mode, as these results in reducing the conversion rate also.

The three simple fixes that will boost the production performance are as under:-
1. Audit the third party extensions:
Although Magento 2 migration is expendable with modules and plugins but with core coded functionality of Magento core team, average programmers develop third party extensions. As a result a module that is poorly written will slow down Magento 2 in a big way.
In order to improve the performance make a list of all plugins that have been installed and one by one disable them. Magneto services can also be contacted to identify the problem and seek assistance.
Another option to improve the speed is, to install a fresh sample data of Magento 2 on the same server and then compare its speed with the production site. If the customised Magento speed is of M2 then proceed further but if it is faster than the required speed then there is a possibility of having an extension that affects your speed.

2. Server hardware makes Magento 2 too slow:
By simply installing a fresh M2 on the same server and comparing the performance on the production site, you can find out the difference of the hosting plan that is unsuitable for Magento 2. Don’t look for cheap options but get more power by using CPU / RAM or look for better hosting.

3. Make sure full page cache is on:
If full page cache is disabled then the problem of Magento 2 slowing down arises. Simple go to system cache management and check if full page cache is on in Magento 2 performance settings.